OSOON London Luxury personal care collection. This aromatic hand-wash is naturally formulated to help perfectly balance your skin. Its sparkling citrus notes with a hint of flowery scent evoke a sense of joy and refreshing relaxation.


Aroma: Fresh, Citrus, Soft floral, Fruity

Benefits: Joyful & refresh feels

Key ingredients: Orange, Lemon, Lime, Lily


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Orange Blossom Aromatic Hand Wash

SKU: HAN-OB-0701200122
  • Size: 500ml

    Packaging: Glass bottle with reusable plastic pump  (100% recyclable)

    No animal test

    Ethically produced in the UK

    Perfect pH balance: Keep your hands soft and clean.


    This product can be purchased as a refill, without a pump (saving 12g of plastic). Opting to re-use a pump already in your possession.

    B2B refilling pack is available. Feel free to drop us an email (info@osoon.co.uk) for B2B options.