Orchid is a symbol of beauty, love, luxury, elegance and perfection. Our Chelsea Orchid is inspired by Phalaenopsis, moth Orchid. Its perfect symmetry is almost unrealistic. This soft, delicate floral scent with sweet undertones of aroma will remind you of a beautiful Orchid flower.


Aroma: Oriental floral, Citrus, Sweet

Benefits: Elegant & Luxury feels

Key notes: Vetivert, Honey, Rum

(Essential oils mix with synthetic and plant-sourced ingredients. *It is almost impossible to capture the fragrance from natural Orchid flowers.  Floral scents of some orchids are so weak that it is detectable only within a very small range. Vanilla is the only one orchid fragrance sold commercially - Vanilla Orchid. The natural Orchid extract exists. but we wouldn't use it for a fragrance.)

Chelsea Orchid Fragrance Room Diffuser

SKU: D05-CO-191223260820
  • Size: 100ml


    No animal test

    Ethically produced in the UK



    This product can be purchased as a refill, without reeds. Opting to re-use reeds already in your possession.

    B2B refilling pack is available. Feel free to drop us an email (info@osoon.co.uk) for B2B options.


    Your diffuser will come with 6 premium fibre reeds. Try 2-3 reeds for small rooms. You can add more reeds if you want to have stronger scents. 


    Our reeds are designed not to clog and do not require to be flipped. Give a gentle swirl. It will give a boost of the scents.


    It is difficult to say exactly how long our diffuser would last. It will depend on your room condition e.g. heat, light, ventilation etc. In average, our diffuser last up to 3-4 months.

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