Our Cedarwood essential oil is extracted through the process of steam distillation from pieces of the Cedar Wood tree. Cedarwood has a soft, woody aroma with undertones of sandalwood. 

This is one of the best base notes for essential oil blending.


Benefits: Warming, Calming & Grounding
Botanical name: Juniperus Virginiana
Country of origin: USA

Cedarwood Pure Essential Oil

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  • Size: 10ml

    Direction for use:

    • Mist diffuser /oil burner: Simply add essential oil to your diffuser/ oil burner (3~5 drops per 100ml of water to the mist diffuser, few drops to oil burner - depends on your personal choice).
    • Bathing: Mix 2~3 drops in a carrier oil, dispersible bath oil base.
    • Skin application: Add 2~3 drops to 10ml carrier oil or base product.
    • Warning: *Cedarwood essential oil should never be swallowed.

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